Solar Attic Fans and Skylight Tubes from U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans and Skylight Tubes Designed and Tested for Severe Weather


Solar attic fans and skylight tubes designed and tested for severe weatherWe are pleased to announce the final verdict after undergoing rigorous testing with the state of Florida, the Skylight Tube and the Solar Attic Fan have been officially approved by the Florida Building Code to withstand hurricane weather and pressure conditions. Complying to Florida’s strict building codes for roofing materials and products is reassuring to homeowners in all regions that our products are designed to endure the torrential forces of hurricane winds and resist water infiltration. Both the Skylight Tube and Solar Attic Fan can endure pressures far exceeding the pressures exhibited in a Category 5 Hurricane.


Additionally, our Solar Attic fans have been approved for compliance with the wind loads specified in the International Residential Code and the International Building Code as noted by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Solar Attic Fan Approval View the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Report

Notorious for brutal hurricanes and severe tropical storms, Florida has revised its building codes time and time again to help protect homes from excessive damage during the severe weather running through their state. Hurricane-force winds are renowned for creating a vicious upward force on roofing elements, ripping apart a structure’s roof and sheathing. Obviously the mental image of any rooftop object zipping through the air like a missile is terrifying, but the real problem with insufficient roofing in hurricane-prone regions is actually the water damage that occurs when shingles and/or roof-mounted products are blown away. Now your customers can rest assured their U.S. Sunlight roof mounted products will endure the severe storms Mother Nature throws their way.



Solar Powered Attic Fan ‚Äď Stronger than EVER.

At U.S. Sunlight, we are determined to ensure our products are the best available on the market, from performance to innovation to durability. With this philosophy, we design our products to withstand all the extreme and adverse weather conditions our customers’ experience.


We understand the concern a homeowner in a hurricane region faces when installing a product on their roof. We never want the homeowner to feel compelled to make a decision between a hot attic and a hurricane-resistant home.


"Can the Solar Powered Attic Fan withstand a hurricane?"




Starting from our design lab, we work relentlessly to ensure our products will exceed the expectations of our customers. We have passed a major step in the testing of the Solar Powered Attic Fan in high-wind areas, such as Texas and Florida, and will keep you informed as we proceed with the approval process in high-velocity wind zones.


Here is a short comparison to a typical hurricane wind load:


solar attic fan wind load testing results


The numbers say it all. Our Solar Powered Attic Fan can withstand the strongest hurricanes with no structural damage.


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Solar Attic Fan Approval View the Florida Building Code report

Solar Attic Fan Approval View the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Report




Skylight Tubes - Designed and Tested for Severe Weather

Our entire lineup of Skylight Tubes has been tested for severe weather and all feature hail resistant polycarbonate or upgraded acrylic roof domes.


Our Chroma Skylight Tube is specially designed and tested to withstand high wind and pressure in the most severe weather conditions. In fact, the Chroma Skylight Tube can endure a structural load up to 400 psf (pounds per square foot) Here is a quick comparison to a typical hurricane with the estimated wind load:


tubular skylight high wind test results


Solar Attic Fan Approval View the Florida Building Code report


Additionally, our Spectrum and Radiant Skylight Tubes have been tested for severe weather and are capable of withstanding a live load of over 260 lbs. Whichever Skylight Tube you choose will come with the peace-of-mind required to know that your new tube installation will be able to withstand severe weather conditions and and provide secure, cost-effective daylighting for years to come.


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