Solar Attic Fans and Skylight Tubes from U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans vs Electric Fans

Active, attic ventilation is a great way of removing hot, stagnant air from your attic and helping to cool your house. Until recently, conventional,power electric attic fans were the leading product for this solution. However, solar attic fans have now become more prevalent in this marketplace.


With an electric fan, you can create a powerful source of active, attic ventilation simply by plugging in the fan and allowing it to run. However, there is a cost. The electricity involved can cost your family up to a couple hundred dollars per year, and the electricity used is added to your overall carbon footprint. The additions to your family’s budget, as well as environmental pollution, are undesirable side effects many, and can be a deterrent to installation for most people.


Solar attic fans are an effective and green alternative to traditional electric attic fans. They circulate the air and remove heat and moisture build-up in your attic, keep your living space cooler, and protect your investment in your home—all while running only on free, clean solar electricity. Once installed, a solar attic fan will deliver the same daytime cooling effects of conventional electric fans, but are maintenance-free and cost nothing to operate.


One downside to solar attic fans is the inability to run after sunset. U.S. Sunlight has solved this problem with the addition of an intelligently simple device called the Solar Controller. With the Solar Controller, you can enable your fan to run on house electricity after dark for continued attic ventilation into the evening hours. The best part is, since it intelligently runs only enough to properly exchange the air in your attic, it can run the low-power DC motor in your Solar Powered Attic Fan with only an addition of less than $5 per year in added electricity costs.

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