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Spectrum Skylight Tubes

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Clean natural daylight anywhere you want it

Our line of Spectrum Skylight Tubes provide an abundance of clean, natural light comparable to full-size skylights but without the expense and installation challenges that come with traditional skylights and roof windows.


Tubular Skylight Ventilation Option

Spectrum Skylight Tube

Different from standard skylights, our Skylight Tube allows you to capture light above your roof and tunnel it to just about any location in your house. With a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, we can be sure to satisfy both your daylighting and budget requirements for either your home or commercial building.



Exclusive, industry first, patented ventilation kit – add or remove ventilation feature in only seconds!

With its elegant design, the Spectrum series will allow you to easily enable the ventilation option and just as easily disable it to create an air-tight non-ventilating, daylighting-only Skylight Tube. Our ventilation kit is included with every Spectrum Skylight Tube.

Keep rain and snow out while keeping heat in

The thoughtfully engineered Spectrum series is designed to withstand most
weather conditions. Even with the ventilation tabs installed on your roof
dome, you can be confident that your Skylight Tube is weather-resistant in
most rain, snow, and hail conditions.

Ventilation when you want it, energy efficiency when you need it

Our Spectrum Series ventilation kit is completely optional and easily enabled! The ceiling lens ventilation configuration can be easily converted from a ventilated system to a sealed, energy efficient, non-ventilated daylight-only system. By simply removing the spacer magnets on the ceiling lens, you can enable or disable the ventilation option in only seconds.


Simply add the spacer magnets to the ceiling lens to convert your non-ventilated, energy efficient Skylight Tube to a passive ventilator. This addition takes only seconds to complete and is easily reversible at any

Learn more about our exclusive patented ventilation option for Spectrum Skylight Tubes




Cost-effective compared to traditional skylights many times its size

From product purchase to installation, Skylight Tubes are an easy and less expensive solution for your home’s daylighting requirements compared to traditional skylights and roof windows.




A range of products to suit any home and any budget

Range of Skylight Tube Sizes

Our Spectrum Skylight Tube series in 14”, 18”, and 21” inch low-profile square dome sizes are versatile enough to fit any installation scenario. Whether it’s for your home, office building, or warehouse, we can help you configure the ideal solution for any daylighting requirement.


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Commercial Skylight Tube Applications

Options for commercial buildings and warehouses

For larger footprint installations, such as commercial buildings or warehouses, our Spectrum 21” Skylight Tube is an ideal solution for brighter daylight in spaces with less restrictive installation scenarios.




Easy Tubular Skylight Installation

Easy and Versatile installation options

No reframing or major structural alterations are necessary to install a Skylight Tube. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours and a do-it-yourselfer, in an afternoon.


With its extended 8 to 12 foot flexible tubing options, a Skylight Tube can be installed just about anywhere.


For increased illumination, or in areas where bends are not needed in the tube, a Rigid Tube Kit can be installed as a retrofit to the standard flexible tube or as part of a new installation. The Rigid Tube offers an increased 95% reflectivity with its enhanced mirror finish. Also, the Rigid Tube length can be increased with the connection of additional 2’ straight tube sections.




Clean Natural Light from a Tubular SkylightClean, natural light

The Skylight Tube will enable you to switch off electric lights during the daytime, saving electricity and money while reducing your overall carbon footprint.







Spectrum Skylight Tube Low ProfileLow-profile roof lenses

Our Spectrum Skylight Tubes feature streamlined, low-profile square roof lenses which allow you to bring natural sunlight in to your home while enhancing your home’s roofline and curb appeal.

Low Profile Spectrum Skylight Tube

Unlike most tubular skylights on the market today, Spectrum Skylight Tubes are designed with your home’s aesthetic appearance in mind. Our product looks so attractive, you’ll finally have the flexibility to install your new tubular skylight on either the front or backside of your house, without sacrificing the appearance of your home’s exterior. Finally, a tubular skylight that is beautiful both inside—and out.




Skylight Tube - Benefits of Natural LightBenefits of natural light

It has long been known that the natural light of the sun is beneficial for our well-being. Simply notice the bounce in people’s steps and the smiles on their faces when the sun finally peeks out from behind the clouds after an extended absence in the midst of a dreary, cold winter. Most people are fully aware of the impact sunlight can have on emotional well-being. It’s difficult to envision a setting with limited sunlight and smiling inhabitants.


Aside from the emotional benefits, daylight has been shown to have a significant impact on productivity and health. Our eyes and brains simply function more optimally with natural light versus artificial lighting. It has also been observed, especially in comparisons of schools with sufficient daylight over schools reliant on artificial lighting, that children are able to concentrate and maintain focus better when there is ample natural light.


It is not surprising that these observations also signify the benefits of natural light on health and improved energy levels.


Regardless of the sophistication of technology, humans are natural beings in need of natural energy. The sun is our energy source and we are in need of its energy daily in order to function optimally. Fortunately, there are possibilities where technology and natural living can be married to provide the best of both worlds, such as with the Skylight Tube; bringing into a home the benefits of natural light while keeping out the heat and cold. Our Skylight Tubes have been engineered to meet and surpass quality and performance of its

Light Kit for Spectrum Skylight Tubes

competitors outperforming the competition in virtually every key category.



With the optional Light Kit for Spectrum Skylight Tubes, the Skylight Tube is able to encompass the best of both worlds: natural light during the day and house powered light at night. By utilizing the sun’s natural light during the day, homeowners are still benefiting from the remarkable powers of the sun’s invigorating energy, and yet they are still able to use the same fixture into the evening with the optional Light Kit, giving them a true win-win situation.




Skylight Tube Severe Weather Tested


Severe Weather

Our entire lineup of Skylight Tubes has been tested for severe weather and all feature hail resistant polycarbonate or upgraded acrylic roof domes. Spectrum Skylight Tubes have been tested for severe weather and are capable of withstanding a live load of over 260 lbs.






**Note: The Skylight Tube is recommended for asphalt shingle roofs only.


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