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Radiant Skylight Tube

Skylight Tube Radiant 14 Inch

Model #98100

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Innovative low-profile, round roof dome Skylight Tube with a small installation footprint looks beautiful on any roof

Radiant Skylight Tube
Skylight Tube 1914ST


Add sunlight to any room in your house

The Radiant Skylight Tube from U.S. Sunlight adds clean natural light to any room in your house while also enhancing the appearance of your roofline.

With our revolutionary new low-profile round dome design, you are no longer restricted to "hiding" traditional round bubble tube lights to the backside of your house—Show off your upgraded roof appearance with our attractive and functional Radiant Skylight Tube.


Cost-effective compared to traditional skylights many times its size

From product purchase to installation, Radiant Skylight Tubes are an easy and less expensive solution for your home’s daylighting requirements compared to traditional skylights and roof windows.


Tunnel light into hard-to-reach areas of your home

Different from standard skylights, our Radiant Skylight Tube allows you to capture light above your roof and tunnel it to just about any location in your house. Our leak-proof design provides clean, bright sunlight with the peace of mind that your roof, attic and ceiling will remain protected.


Easy Installation

No reframing or major structural alterations are necessary to install a Skylight Tube. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours and a do-it-yourselfer in an afternoon. For U.S. Sunlight recommended preferred installers, call 1-866-446-0966.

With its pre-attached extended 6 foot flexible tubing, the Radiant Skylight Tube can be installed just about anywhere.


Benefits of natural light

The benefits of pure natural light have been proven in studies throughout the years. Clean natural light enhances mood, mental and physical well-being, concentration, and overall energy. It’s easier on the eyes and enhances the appeal and decor of any room in your house.


Maintenance-free dome and flashing

Radiant Skylight Tube 14 Inch DomeOnce installed, the Skylight Tube requires no maintenance.

The high impact-resistant, upgraded acrylic comes standard and is engineered to repel dirt and other debris.


**Note: The Skylight Tube is recommended for asphalt shingle roofs only.



Product Features

Revolutionary streamlined low profile roof lens
Most cost-effective daylighting solution
Compact – smaller footprint allows for increased installation versatility
Installs easily almost anywhere. An installation professional should be able to install the product in about two hours and a do-it-yourselfer in an afternoon. For U.S. Sunlight recommended preferred installers, call 1-866-446-0966
72” pre-attached flexible tube
Hail resistant, upgraded acrylic round roof dome provides 91% light transmission and a 264 lb. live load capacity

Product Features
Stylish Low-Profile Round Roof Lens
Streamlined low profile roof lens is an industry first and redefines style in the tubular skylight market.
Integrated Roof Flashing and Flexible Tube
72” inch pre-attached flexible tube.
Impact-Resistant Roof Lens
Features an upgraded acrylic roof dome which is designed to be hail and impact resistant and capable of carrying a live load of over 260 lbs.
Easy Installation
Integrated roof flashing with flexible tube allows for easy installation by professionals or DIY'ers.
Single Piece Flashing
One piece sleek roof lens flashing blends with any roof type and is a visually stunning improvement over traditional dome-shaped tube lights.
Versatile Installation Options
6 ft. flexible tubing (vs. 4 ft. with most competitors, which limits tube light placement) allows the Skylight Tube to be installed just about anywhere.
Product Installation

If you choose not to install the product yourself, professional installation may be available in your area. Please visit our Contractor Locator to search for an installation contractor in your area.


U. S. Sunlight Corp and the retailer do not represent, warrant or endorse the quality or reliability of any service, information about any goods of services, or other materials provided or obtained by you from Contractors referenced by U.S. Sunlight Corp.

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