Solar Attic Fans and Skylight Tubes from U.S. Sunlight Corp Solar Attic Fans

How Solar Attic Fans Work

Solar Attic Fan draws the hot air out of the atticIn the summer, your attic can reach temperatures of 160 degrees and above. Solar attic fans work by expelling this hot air and returning your attic's space closer to the outside ambient temperature.


Solar Attic Fans by U.S. Sunlight run off of clean, solar energy pulling outside air in through your attics existing static and soffit vents. By pulling from this external air source, the attic fan will pull the hot, stagnant air up through the fan and create a constant exchange of air in your attic.


This ventilation results in a cooler attic, prolonged roof life, reduced moisture in your attic, and an overall more comfortable living environment inside your attic.


In the colder winter months, warm moist air rises from the inside of your home and collides with the cold underside of the roof. The Solar Powered Attic Fan provides the air circulation that prevents the moist air from condensing on the surface, keeping your attic cooler.


By installing a Solar Powered Attic Fan or All Purpose Ventilator, you will not only be creating a more pleasant living space, but you will also be protecting your roof, framing members, and attic from excessive heat and moisture.

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