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FAQ - All Purpose Ventilator

Why is attic ventilation important?

Heat and moisture are hard on roof shingles and roof sheathing. In the hot summer months, a poorly ventilated attic will dramatically reduce shingle life and may even void the shingle warranty. In the colder winter months, moisture from everyday activities inside the house can enter the attic. Without proper ventilation, this moisture promotes mold and mildew, saturates insulation, and can freeze on the underside of the sheathing.

In the summer, heat from the attic can radiate down into your living area making the air conditioner work harder to cool your home. If air conditioning ducting runs in the attic, a hot attic will superheat the ducting and the conditioned air inside making the air conditioner less efficient.

Why is crawlspace ventilation important?

A crawl space with poor ventilation can harbor moisture which could lead to mold and mildew buildup. Installing an All Purpose Ventilator in the crawlspace, will increase air circulation, reduce moisture, and inhibit mold and mildew growth.

Does the All Purpose Ventilator only work in the attic?

While the All Purpose Ventilator is the perfect attic ventilation solution for homes with Spanish tile, Flat tile or metal roofs, it can also be used in crawlspaces to help remove moisture and reduce mold and mildew. You can use it in garages, sheds, green houses, or anywhere you need to turbocharge and an existing static vent.

What are the cost benefits of installing a solar attic fan?

How much money you will save is greatly dependent on the price of electricity in your area, the amount of attic space in your home, the efficiency of your attic insulation, the amount of tax credit and rebates available in your area and the amount of ventilation your solar attic vent is able to provide. In our experience, a typical installation will usually pay for itself within 1-3 summers of use verses powered Attic Fans that can cost up to $35 per month to operate.

Will the U.S. Sunlight Solar Controller work with my All Purpose Ventilator?

Yes. The Solar Controller can be added to your All Purpose Ventilator during or after initial installation.

Click here to learn more about the U.S. Sunlight Solar Controller.

Does my roof already have ventilation?

Most (but not all) attics have some form of static ventilation. Static vents or ridge vents will help but generally do not provide sufficient air movement to pull heat and moisture from the attic – especially during the winter or when the ambient air is stagnate. If you have electric fans in the attic, you will benefit from increased air movement in the summer but at a cost of 350 to 400 watts of power per day! Often, electric attic fans have a thermostat that keeps them inoperable during the winter, just when you need them to expel moisture and reduce the chance of “ice daming”! A solar powered attic fan runs whenever there is sunlight – and, at no cost of operation.

Is the All Purpose Ventilator difficult to install?

The All Purpose Ventilator is extremely easy to install. A homeowner can install one in less than an hour and a professional in less than 30 minutes. An installation video is available on our website and you can receive additional help by calling 866-446-0966. Only basic tools are required and there is no electrical wiring to connect.

We would be glad to refer you to an installer in your area if one is available. If there is not one available we would suggest you call a local handyman or roofing contractor. Your retailer does not provide the installation and does not make any arrangements with any installers, so it is best to call US Sunlight at 866-446-0966 to find out what options for installation services you might have available in your area.

Are tax credits available for installing a solar powered attic fan?

Absolutely. The fan qualifies for up to a 30% Federal tax credit. There may be additional energy rebates or tax credits available through your local utility. You can obtain an IRS form 5695 through the internet or visit our Tax Credit Info page on our website, download the form and learn about other possible rebates that may apply.

My current electric fan is noisy and can be heard from inside the home. Is the solar attic fan noisy?

The solar powered attic fan is extremely quiet. The solar cell provides power to a super-quiet DC motor. There is no harmonic hum that is common with AC motors.

What is the life expectancy of the solar panel?

The Solar Powered Attic Fan has the latest state-of-the-art solar panel designed to last for more than 20 years. While a standard solar panel can last 5 years or less, our solar panel has a 20 year prorated warranty – the longest warranty in the industry!

Are there differences in the solar powered attic ventilators available in the market?

Yes! It is possible to find several brands and models with different prices and features. But our Solar Powered Attic Fan has some of the best technology available at the best price, to assure that you have a fan that will last for years to come. Our Solar Powered Attic Fan includes a commercial grade, hail resistant solar panel. By maximizing the solar panel’s orientation to the sun you can gain up to 25% more power.

We offer a 20 year limited warranty on the solar panel and a 5 year warranty on the motor.

Our motor warranty is one of the longest in the industry. In addition, our top of line motor has been designed with a simple brush replacement feature, assuring many years of worry-free performance.

Is a building permit required to install the All Purpose Ventilator?

To our knowledge, no permit is required.

Will the solar powered attic fan continue to run after dark?

Yes. With the addition of the Solar Controller accessory, The Solar Powered All Purpose Ventilator can be simultaneously connected to your house electricity and will run for 8 minutes every half hour after dark to provide additional ventilation after sunset.

Click here to learn more about the U.S. Sunlight Solar Controller.

Can the solar powered attic fan be used to vent garages?

Yes it can! Many of our customers are using the fan to reduce the temperate in the garage or storage shed.

I’ve broken screws trying to mount the fan to my wall joists, why is this happening?

In some cases where the fan is being mounted to harder wood decking or joists it may be advisable to use shorter stainless steel screws to avoid over-torqueing the screws and causing them to break. U.S. Sunlight has these screws available for customers at no charge. Please call 866-446-0966 and we will ship them to you.

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