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Customer Testimonials
Just wanted to let you know my fans have been working beautifully. My house is noticeably cooler and I’m wondering to myself why I hadn’t done this earlier.
Posted By: Darren B
Excellent installation service.
Posted By: Charles M.
Hampton, VA
Noticed a difference right away. Just installed 5-12-2011. Can't wait to see this summer. Haven't installed it to electricity. Redid roof not time yet, but soon!
Posted By: Kathleen T.
Garden Valley, CA
Works great. Instantly pulled heat out of the attic. Nice to know temp/humidity and indication of when fan is on.
Posted By: Jerry P.
Camas, WA
After speaking to Matt, I went and bought this attic fan. It's better than advertised! Thanks, Matt! My next purchase will be the All Purpose Ventilator.
Posted By: Bob D.
Kansas City, MO
Installers - very helpful and professional.
Posted By: Tyrone S.
Clinton, MD
Installer was very knowledgeable about the product and installed in just an hour.
Posted By: Loretta S.
East Brunswick, NJ
Installer was very professional.
Posted By: Douglas D.
San Antonio, TX
Dear Sirs: We purchased two of your Skylitetubes and recently
installed them in our home. We like them very much. Very nice design. You lit up our
lives! Thanks
Posted By: Dick and Dede L.
After reading what others have written I can only parrot what they have had to say. I too removed an old electric attic fan (which had a new roof nailed over the old flashing), had it not been for that I believe the unit could have been easily installed and up and running within an hour.
Posted By: Roy W
Fullerton, CA

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