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  • Black Solar Panels now available on select Solar Attic Fans
  • 20W & 30W Solar Attic Fans now available
  • Spectrum Skylight Tubes
  • Radiant Skylight Tubes
  • Chroma Skylight Tubes
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Award Winning Solar Attic Fans
  • Solar Controller for Solar Attic Fans

30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar Attic Fans
Professional Installation Available on Solar Attic Fans and Skylight Tubes

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Controller


Remove heat in the summer
Reduce moisture in the winter
Roof and gable mount available
Enables optional nighttime fan operation
Monitor humidity and temperature
Includes handheld remote display
Enhance your Solar Attic Fan installation
Easy installation options
Options for both roof and gable mount fans

Radiant Skylight Tubes

Spectrum Skylight Tubes

Chroma Skylight Tubes

Most cost-effective daylighting option
Versatile installation options
72" pre-attached flexible tube
14", 18", and 21" models available
Patented ventilation option
Perfect for residential and commercial use
96" pre-attached flexible tube
Low-profile roof dome
Triple layer diffuser lenses

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Radio Interview with U.S. Sunlight

Solar Attic Fans and Skylight TubesU.S. Sunlight launches our newest line of Skylight Tubes

Solar Attic Fans and Skylight TubesNew, exclusive, black solar panels on our 9915TR Solar Attic Fan


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